Derby #203 (Red): Honorable Mentions

Awesome picks.

thx Woot!

Thanks for the honorable mention. Great selections here from the derby! Congrats to the winners and hats off to all the people that worked hard on their entries. :slight_smile:

Coming to a theater this summer: “Teenagers Like Movies with Shirtless Werewolves So Here’s Another One.”

But in our movie, the wolf eats teenagers and Red decaps glittering pansies. And because it’s our movie, the only one that’s shirtless is Red.

I’m really happy to see your red shirt contribution in the honorable mentions. It will definitely get my vote in the next double take derby.

I’d pay to see that.

Thanks for the honorable mention! I try to be an honorable mensch.

Thanks Woot!

I was so disappointed that Cardinal didn’t get printed last weekend. Hope it makes it next time.

Thanks for the mention, Woot!