Derby #204 (I ❤ Books!): Honorable Mentions

Necronomicute! = YES!

thanks again woot!

Sad that infinityloop’s design didn’t make the cut.

It was nice but I’m sadder about this

Thanks for the mention! and congrats everyone! nice selection!

Same feeling here… It really is a cool design that deserved to be on this list.
As for me, let me thank Woot for this HM. I was quite surprised with the reaction to my design, since it was the last one submited to the derby.

It is on the list, though the comment makes it seem like it might have been added later. I’m not sure why crappy “show, don’t tell” fail slogan tees make it in without a question, but qetza’s apparently required people to comment to remind them of it.

Not only that, it’s nice to see a whole succession of silver tees followed by some slate and asphalt. 12 tees, only 1/3 aren’t grey. Diversity is alive and well at HM-ville.

Sketchbook was so well executed. Naolito, it’s such a great piece of work.

And I, too, am saddened by not seeing Infinity here. Hers was a perfect example of what the derby should’ve been full of. :\

We planned to have Reading Rocket Ship as an HM all along. It didn’t get tagged when the others did because it was close to possibly printing so we had to wait and see. We saw the oversight this morning and had to go through multiple people to get it in the Double Take loop, to get the HM coupon coded, and actually on the blog, most of which is normally automated. There was no way we would let that design slip by.

I agree… Infinity’s was probably my fav of the derby.

You know… If you had said I was blind and missed it I would have believed you :wink:

YAY for Reading Rocket Ship. Want want want!

Thank you.

Of course, it’d even be better if instead of waiting until the next double take, how’s about NOT doing one of the dailies and just printing it on a weekday? Woot expanding to 5k daily production still doesn’t mean anything when bunion-grade designs are put up instead, y’know.

Thank you Woot, the HM is much appreciated.

Thanks woot. It’s an honor just to be mentioned.

I know there’s no accounting for taste, but I can’t believe there can be such a difference of opinion about this.

I agree!!! I need this shirt!

this was the other design I really wanted out if this derby

Ha ha. Thanks. I was also hoping for an HM, but I’m in a dry spell with those. I’ll play with the design and sub it elsewhere. I’ll try to PM you (and Leah, too) if it goes up, but I’m pretty bad about that remembering much of anything lately, so please feel free to like my Facebook fan page if you want to be sure to stay apprised…