Derby #205 (Mexico): Honorable Mentions


I can’t believe I missed ‘Desert Ghost’ before. Pretty awesome design.

And of course, Infinity’s just blew me out of the water. That veil is fantastic and the colors are beautiful.

I was about to post the same thing. That design slipped in under the radar. I’m glad someone is paying attention.

And congrats on the HM!

So many nice ones here, very happy to see Qetzal!

But, I have GOT to have Marzipan and SG’s entry next double take! Must have!!!

BTW, the link in the blog post goes to Derby 206.

Helgram’s style of shading is so neat. I still wish Dragon Slayer from a few weeks back had printed already. I missed Desert Ship too though. Gah.

Congrats everyone. And thanks so much Woot for the HM on Candy Sacrifice. :slight_smile:

some wonderful picks here. congrats all!

Thanks Woot! Wish I could find more time to enter consistently.

Four of these should have been top four! I fail to understand the sensibilities of the majority. Sigh.

Wow, Desert Ghost is pretty awesome, add me in as another person that missed it. Reminds me of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Very good picks for this derby!

Although I’m sad chumpmagic’s didn’t make it.

Boo, woot voters. Everyone of these deserved to print in the Derby. I’m glad to see the HMs, and I can hope for EC’s for them, but REALLY?
Oh and…
“We’re feeling a Tex-Mex Chris DeBurgh parody coming on…” ROFLMFAO
/wow, no guffaw-worthy filter for ROFLMFAO??? :slight_smile:

I see that nobody has fixed the bad link yet.

“La Fiesta” looks caotic such as tons of Hello Kittys murdered on a floor.

Not gonna lie, I was quite disappointed with the results of this derby. I’m a Latino myself and there were some awesome shirts that I wanted to get. During the derby I was actually worried because I wanted more than 3, but then the results happened…facepalm

I just received my HM email today, and I have to say: I was uber-confused as to what I was reading, initially. “Unexpected” is an understatement. But, it’s a very pleasant surprise! Thanks so much, Woot!

And congrats to everyone else in the HM list. Compared to a few of the designs above, I only have this to say: “I’m not worthy.” -;O I would have thrown down cash in a heartbeat to wear them. coughDOOMSQUADcough