Derby #206 (Role Reversal): Honorable Mentions

Thanks Woot! And congrats everyone!

Thanks, Woot! Those entries by jlefkowitz and pharmacide are some of the best I’ve seen in a really long time.

Where did that Pharmacide design come from??? That is awesome!

And thanks Woot for the HM!

Was a bit disappointed to miss placing by 14 votes, but feels good to get an HM - thanks woot! And congrats everyone! I hadn’t seen Split Personality in the derby - very cool style.

Thanks woot, and thanks for the votes wooters!

That Urban Safari one is pretty stylish. A more unique type of illustration, I think.

Where did “Watching The Humans” disappear to?

oooooo, thanks! Im very, uuuuhhhh, honor’d to be mention’d =D

This is a pretty hot list of honorable mentions, im flattered to have a design up there.

Spiffy! Thanks, Woot! :smiley:

Congrats!!! amazing pics!

Thanks for the nod! Shirts! Shirts… forever.

Split Personality and Urban Safari both took the derby into refreshingly different territory this week. It would be great to support a broader menu of design styles at shirt.woot with prints like this.

There are so beautiful HMS in there Woot! Thanks for bringing to light some jems others might have missed.

Thanks Woot for the HM! Thanks everybody for the encouraging comments!