Derby #207 (Things That Start With The Letter O): Honorable Mentions

Congrats to Soap Opera for a print AND a HM!

edit: oh sure, make me a liar.

You know a lot of people fussed about the “Oriental” theme Friday and Saturday prints, but I’d rather have that than a bunch of octopi, owls, or other outrageous original omnivores.

Thanks for the HM! :slight_smile: But the purebred miniature Nubian lap giraffe only rates a “meh”? Oh, well – “no pain… no pain.”


Some of my favorites in there, good choices Woot!

Congrats to all. Really hoping Octopus Island gets a print in the next double take… :slight_smile:

It’s curious the 4th place shirt didn’t make it.

Or is it…

They rarely give the 4th place shirt an HM.

Thanks very much woot!:smiley:

Many thanks woot. Appreciate having another opportunity next Double-Take.
I’m still cheering for Orb-Weaver as well.

Great line-up. Congrats guys.


How did I miss open ocean?
Dang I’m going senile anymore.
congrats to all HMers

Thanks a lot Woot! , glad to see Open Ocean around , congrats all! (o;