Derby #209 (Fairy Tales): Honorable Mentions

Every one of these is better than the entire compliment of winners combined. I am, however, a tad confused about Hamelin TV. Not that it’s not a smart and entertaining design. I just didn’t know the derby was considered a fairy tale.

overwhelmed and overjoyed. my first official entry and i got this. thank you so much :smiley:

I so wanted the Toy Peddler to win. I kept hoping to see it this weekend and was eagerly awaiting my chance to be the first sucker for it.

Ah well. If it doesn’t print here, please oh please some one be sure to let us know when it does print. It is too awesome not to.

Solid HMs. Good stuff. I look forward to seeing these again.

I would have preferred to have seen just about any one of these over the weekend.
As it stands, another site got my money this week.

No offense to any of the winners but I agree - these are SO good, and should have printed the first time around. I HATE DT derbies because, while fave designs get a second shot, the mish-mash of themes really takes its toll. Crossing my fingers for some bitchin’ ECs after the next DT.

Thanks for your words, Adder. I’ve shown a present situation inspired by the classic fairy tale “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”, keeping the original inspiration totally recognizable with a new concept.

And thank you very much for my second HM for the next Double-Take Derby :smiley:

Thanks again woot! and everyone for the nice words :slight_smile:

What happened to the mermaid shirt =( That one was awesome, I loved the style.

congrats to all of you :smiley: your works are pure awesomeness

Thanks for the HM, I really appreciate it. I’m glad I entered this idea. It probably didn’t hurt being stuck in between zerobriant and pokethedeadkat entries on the derby page.

Wonderful lineup. The next double-take is going to be crazier than usual.

Please, can’t we print more than 3 from the Double Take Derbies?

Seven HMs will end up being printed. Three by votes, and four by editor’s choice.

and the quality gap is getting tighter and tighter between the two. Which isn’t a praise of the voters.

Every passing doubletake makes the whole point of having a doubletake seem more and more pointless.

What happened to Truffle Shuffle’s Bridge? It was my favorite and I was watching for it all weekend long.

I like my families ,i like everyone here

The picture upstairs look very suspense ,not understand, a little terror, but dress looks nice