Derby #21: Winter



How about this? Now, to get an idea…


Hooray! I love this theme!


no text??? dang it, there goes my winning 5 min design. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gunna like this one…
YAY FOR SNOW 1/2 day for me :smiley:


Finally. Winter!


dibs on the abomanable snow man


Can snowboy get a little love this time?


Whats the Over/Under on number of designs with a bare tree and paint sploches behind it?

I bet there will be at least 9.


I’m resubbing Snow Day!1!!!oneexclaimationmark


no dibs allowed - sorry :slight_smile:

You’ll have to convert him into a pirate or ninja to get any votes though!


Blah no holidays… my Drive by presenting idea is still not valid… well - off to cafepress it goes!


WHOOHOO!! and my Hamster shirts just arrived here at work!!! yay… looks good too…
i expect b.reast… i mean chest pics of folks wearing my shirt…


If anyone needs some reference material, winter has just hit Buffalo in full force today. I can send pictures.


A pirate driving a sleigh pulled by monkeys? Or maybe a Ninja with zombie elves?


Heh. I’ve already got an entry ready to go :slight_smile: finished it up last week as a direct submission, but might as well toss it in the derby instead.


Can Woot print up towards the neck area? Like having an image at the very top of the shirt, ending where the shirt becomes the back, seam wise…


no way…there are going to be a few of them i think


dibs on the abdominal snowman (that’s a yeti with a 6 pack hehehe)


I like this theme. I have some ideas that I believe will end up in the fog!

What do you think about this one?