Derby #210 (Chemistry): Honorable Mentions

Great lineup! Most of my faves from this derby are here! Hope to see them work it up in the next DT!

You nearly brought me to tears, Woot.


I gotta call my mom!

Thanks woot for the HM! I was hoping the other Chemistree one would have gotten an Honorable Mention as well. I really liked that one. =/

Thank you for the Honorable Mention Woot! It really means a great deal to me. -collinvh

I love all of these way more than the ones that actually won, especially the Alchemy one and Spiritgreen’s Willy Wonka one, which I would have gotten in a heartbeat.

high five

Congrats dude(s)!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to throw a congrats out to my partner Ignorant! His name should be up there next to mine. In smaller letters of course.

Diana, yes I thought Helgram’s was awesome too. Of course that can be said every week. :^)

Congrats taternuggets & Ignorant! And everyone here. The nearly four shirt tie for 7th place is well represented. The whole fog, in fact!

Thanks for including me, Woot. ^_____^

Thanks for the HM Woot!

Every designer who has ever seen a font is crying that LOLCHEMISTRY got an HM. Apres les, le deluge.

Thanks a lot Woot! , and congrats all!

Sweet you guys! And also thank you so much for the Honorable Mention, it’s an honor!!

Getting in the fog for the first time was spectacular alone, and now this!
Deep thanks for everyone who voted for either of my entries last week!
And thanks again woot!


Man, now I feel bad about not voting for Seeduvpain. Guess I overlooked it somehow… I’m surprised it didn’t print!