Derby #212 (Back to School): Honorable Mentions

“Listen up class, today we’re going to learn how to meow like we want to be petted while staying just out of reach of the person’s hand.”
LOL! Haha exactly - love that:)

Thanks so much for the HM woot, and congrats everyone!

Woo, cell division! :smiley: Glad to see its getting a second chance to finish. Hope the next double take is soon, if mitosis is arrested too long it leads to badness! ;D

Thanks a bunch Woot. Super excited to grab an honorable mention with such amazing entries. It was a great derby. :slight_smile:

Did you submit very late? I kinda missed your entry, Looks good, would have voted. You know, after seeing text based designs dominate the fog, kinda lost interest in the derby.

I submitted on Saturday afternoon. I had some good comments and support, but it just didn’t fare against the other awesome entries.

By my math, the next doubletake begins Friday.

Thanks for the honorable mention; it was my first time being in the fog too, so that was super exciting.

Yay for The Aviator being Honourable Mention’d!

Congrats guys! And cheers for the HM, Woot. :smiley:

Yay! Thanks for the mention!

Congrats to all the HM’s and thanks woot!

Glad to see the pro-tractor get a second chance. Sexy or not, that’s a fine-looking design.

Thanks so much, Woot! Yous guys are epic.

The dead rising from the grave
Human sacrifice
dogs and cats living together
mass hysteria

RamyB Getting an HM

It’s the end of the world.

Actually, Ramy has gotten HMs before - DT#8 and DT#4.

Curses! There goes my (not so) finely crafted editorial.

Can’t be any worse than woot’s (not so) finely crafted choice of HMs.

Remember, Honorable is a word with a meaning.