Derby #215: Double-Bagged Winners!

Congrats! Nice selection. I was especially hoping to see SpiritGreen’s, I had been admiring that one since before the derby when it was posted in the pre-derby thread.

Love the EC pick here. Congrats ApeLad!

Poo! And how did I know that apelad would get the EC if he wasn’t in the top three…

Anyhoo, congrats guys. Good work!

Yay! Congrats Robbie, Spiritgreen and Apelad!

Congrats to the winners! Disappointed collinvh’s didn’t make it but there were so many great designs. :slight_smile: Three of which I voted for did win so I can’t complain.

1st place in this one is an honor, especially with so many fantastic designs. Thanks for the votes and support, and congrats to Wences, Spirit, and Apelad. I’m bummed Colin’s entry didn’t place- that must have been a tough EC call.

Thanks for the comments guys, I’m quite bummed.

Good show, good show. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Oh wow! I’d counted myself out of this with the designs all being so good. This is so cool, I couldn’t be happier. Thanks everyone who voted for ‘It’s Here!’. :smiley:

Congrats Apelad, Robbie and Walmazan! I’ll be collecting your art as soon as I get the chance.

Totally agree with you! really miss Colin’s entry

Wow! Thanks! I’m honored to be in such esteemed company!

yours was truly spectacular, and definitely missed here.

at the same time, I’m glad these won, and the EC was a great choice also.

couldn’t there be 5 winners?

Excellent! Congrats, guys! I love all 4 of these bags and look forward to receiving my Wootings in them :D.

Ditto. No complaints on the well deserved four winners (which I voted for too), but I was hopeful that Collin’s would’ve made it too.

I take it that the votes for the others that fogged won’t be fully revealed until Sunday?

Congrats to all but especially to Wences! I’m always such a fan of his work and I would actually enjoy wearing this design if woot would make it a shirt! hint hint

Each and every one a fantastic design. Just the quality and range of styles I was hoping to see my future shirt purchases arriving in. Suitably diverse representation from some of shirt.woot’s local identities.

Ah… well I’m bummed too, would have been very cool to be on the woot bags… but these are great winners and representations of woot. Congrats all you guys.

I’m bummed too - your design was my favorite. I think if I had gotten it on a bag, I might have framed it and hung it on my wall!

Great job by the winners, though - all very well-thought-out designs.

Maybe I should work it up on shirt and get in in this weeks derby. What does everyone think? Then it would give people one more chance to own it and it might ship in one of these awesome bags. Congrats to the winners. Many of my favorites in this group and I don’t mean to take away from their greatness.