Derby #217 (Hipster Animals): Honorable Mentions

Well thanks woot. I am glad you enjoy my lil’ critters :slight_smile:

Thanks for the HM Woot! This derby topic really attracted some great designs. Hats off to all the HM artists & keep up the great work!

Wow, I love that Merino design . . . looking at the HM’s is so depressing: what could have been.

Yay! So glad to see all of these here. I wasn’t expecting to like a lot of designs from this derby, but there were so many good ones!

thanks woot! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Awesome to be included in such good company, thanks Woot!

Congrats to everyone! I love a lot of them

I’m so happy to see all these awesome designs given HMs. I especially like collinvh’s, Spiritgreen’s and DJTweekNYC’s.v Congrats to all, and thanks to Woot! for wasting most of my time at work when I could be getting a raise.

This was one of the best derbies EVAAAR! The comment for Merino mentioned the band “Iron and Wine”. I listen to them all the time… does that mean I’m a hipster? Or are they no longer cool since I found them on itunes?

Nice choices, but I’m a little disappointed that Hungry, Hungry Hipsters and Right as Rain weren’t mentioned.

meh. I’m so over these derbies. They used to be cool before Woot sold out, now they’re so mainstream.

Back in 2007, everything was better. Those shirts were deck!

haha! :slight_smile: great work everyone!

I agree - Right as Rain should definitely be on this list.

Pretty disappointed that So Meta isn’t here :frowning: Still some great picks tho!

thanks for the HM woot!

More Foreigner refs! Are they old enough to be cool again yet?

Ahh, I knew there was something missing… Right as Rain should definitely be here, yeah :-\

Did they stop being cool? Damn, I missed that memo. :slight_smile:

How would they have fit the now-seemingly-prerequisite shiny crap if they’d added that?

Seriously hoping to get my mitts on those DJTweekNYC and helgram designs.