Derby #218 (New Landmarks): Honorable Mentions

There are some really great designs here, but does it bother anyone else that at least one (or two, depending on how lax your definition of “landmark” is) is not even a landmark?

thanks Woot!


Yeah!!! :smiley:

Thank you guys! :]

Why bother showing us these if you’re not offering them for sale?

It’s nice to see them, but I’m left wishing I could buy some of them. If you’re going to show these, you should at least make them available as a limited run.

They’ll be up for voting again in the next double take derby.

thanks for the HM!

Glad ApeLad’s design got an HM. I thought it was very inventive, and clever. I hope it gets either better love in the Do-Over Derby, or selected for an Editor’s Choice if not. I’d get one!

Thanks again woot!

Awe shucks Woot!, you shouldn’t have. Thank you very much for the recognition.

Shouldn’t the Vancouver design be in here? it was the best one in that derby

Thank You for the HM my first.