Derby #219 (Safari): Honorable Mentions





Thanks woot! This is a very colorful collection we got here. I don’t think I seen a group of HM with such vibrancy :slight_smile:




thanks again :slight_smile:


Glad to see Serengeti, Lost in Africa, and Whack-A-Meerkat in the HMs. Those were my favorites of the derby. :slight_smile:


Too bad we didn’t have this as inspiration last week!


I was so sad Spotless didn’t print! In fact, I would buy every one of these. We need to have safari week, not just 3 :wink:


This was such a disappointing derby. The ONLY design that actually felt like Africa didn’t print. I hope Serengeti prints in the double-take.


I wish “Spotless” had printed! wow, what a great shirt. I was planning on buying two copies. Perhaps there is a super secret way that Shit.woot will still print it out??

pretty pretty please!


Woo! Thanks!

It has another chance in the next double-take derby. Come back and vote then!


Thanks for the HM woot!


I will, no doubt about that.


I am extremely disappointed that the design with the three hyenas didn’t print, while I think we got a couple of lion designs. Everyone’s a speciest. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really liked the Hyena design too.




Thanks so much for my first HM woot :smiley:


Stick with it. You’ll get honored with a print or a mention, I just know it. Great job everyone. I’m excited for the next double take derby.


Will do! Loved it!

Also, can I get your current avatar design on a shirt anywhere? Pretty please??? Cuttlefish are awesome!


I’ve had no success with that one yet. I’ll probably stick it in a derby if it ever matches a theme, or some other site if that doesn’t work. If you send me a PM (so I don’t forget), I’ll PM you back if I ever get it printed.