Derby #22: Other Words of the Year



A derby about words… with no words. This should be interesting.


i was just thinking the same thing


Huh…this should be mighty interesting.


LOVE the idea! I’m loving Woot more and more every day. We will run off the vegas and get married; me and my word of the year. <3


Is ‘blamestorm’ new? I’ve never heard of it (and neither does my spell checker)


FUN!.. i’ll have to finish my daily submission first… but wheee!




What, no specific Christmas derby? Xmas Ribs is all we get from Santa???


Oh wow, this is going to be interesting.


No point the shirts wouldn’t ship in time any ways


I’m pretty sure there will be a few Christmas themed shirts.

But this is a damn cool Derby idea. I was really scared it was gonna be an all-words Derby.


Im going to try my best since im all pumped up from doing a lot better in the recent derby.

Getting a sketch ready already.


For the word Apathetic. You guys think it would fit well with the word?

Comments are very very welcomed


How many windmills do you think we’ll get?


I think anything that acceptably invokes “sardoodledom” will get my vote.


Oh! This should be fun. I remember posting the link in the forum when I read about w00t being added to the dictionary! Never occurred to me that there would be at theme around it!


This is going to be an extremely narrow derby, though.


rejectinator overtime!


What a cool theme…on to check out the words!