Derby #221 (Maps Redux!): Honorable Mentions

So happy to see “golden smile” in this pile!

I’ll be voting for that in the next double take!

It’s crazy how few it got first time around. Randy & Marzipan can count on my vote again too. Lovely design.

Congrats to all!

I feel a complete fool. I didn’t get the golden smile until just now! DOOOHHH! -rolls around in a pile of dumb- I always thought it was cute, but now I even get it, bonus! Man, smart as a pile of hair I am some days 9_9.

thanks woot!

I still don’t understand why they show us these honorable mentions without letting us buy them.

Thank you guys! :]

Congrats to the HM winners! Excellent work and it’s nice to see some new names recognized.

Hooray! Thanks guys for your support. :slight_smile:

Honorable mention shirts compete in the Double take derbies. As with the themed derbies, the top three will print.

so…you might be able to buy.