Derby #223 (Awkward Moments): Honorable Mentions

I’m very happily surprised! Congrats to everyone and thanks again Woot! You’re the greatest!

Thanks woot!

Thanks woot! I’ll never again submit on Monday a design I have ready on Friday.
It’s a learning process, this derby we call woot.

LOL well at least it’ll get a second chance but wow I didn’t know you had that done on Friday. It’s best to put up what you have finished even if you’re not sure.

I’m always surprised but what will do well and what doesn’t.

Dang, I bet you need a beer (or 12) now.

Thank you Woot! Very kind of you to give my flatulent cloud a second chance. :wink:

Hey thanks guys! Tom and Harry will be glad to show up for a second appearance! Maybe Harry will find his ‘pants’. :x

Go fig that I voted for most of these too. And for one HM … someone is getting an unvote for that.

That’s what I get for not keeping up with the derbies – there are several of those I would buy (green tea bag; two snakes, one rabbit (or mouse or rat or whatever that is); I can see your nut).