Derby #224 (In the Kitchen): Honorable Mentions

Still in disbelief that Sunny Side Up didn’t make it. By far the most original and well-executed sub to this comp.

I wish a t-shirt designing robot was involved.

I got my monkey btw- thanks again!

YESSS Meatatarian! I must have it! When is the Re-Do Derby or whatever it’s called?

can’t believe you left out the Marilyn Monroe cupcake. i need it to go with fresh cake.

Not to nit-pick, and not that it matters, but an electric hand mixer is not a whisk.

I’ll be pulling for Cute has a flavor once again.

Yeah, I was looking for Isn’t it delicious and Makin’ Bread, both for my wife. Hopefully they’ll be resubmitted to another derby later.

I really like a lot of these, but I’m particularly glad to see Seasons Eatings considering the next double-take is coming in just a couple of weeks. Good timing!

So incredibly bummed that “Cute Has A Flavor” didn’t get printed. It’s the rare referential shirt that uses a reference to build a unique joke AND stands alone as a good design outside of the derby theme. DianaSprinkle knocked that one out of the park.

I really wanted Star Lunch for my 10 yo daughter who is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and I wanted Meatitarian for myself so am crossing fingers for both of those next time around! :slight_smile:

Umm… It’s in there. 2nd in the row, actually.

*If it’s a white rabbit with black eyes on a grass shirt eating meat I think we’re legally obligated to print it at this point.
:smiley: Let’s hope not! But I would like this particular shirt to tweak my veggie-lovin’ friends.
Really, REALLY want Season’s Eatings, though.

Agreed. And this one DID feature a whisk. Two, in fact.
Not to taek anything away from the person who won, but geez, Woot…

Sorry, that is to say I’m bummed it didn’t make it to print this time. Here’s hoping for either a Double-Take win or an EC. (I fixed my original post to reflect.)

Hmmm… I searched “electric whisk” at a large online retail site which will remain nameless and a bunch of those things came up. Admittedly that was about two seconds of “research”.

Perhaps two monkey prizes are in order. AH AH AH.


Internet joke is now complete for the day. :slight_smile:

That’s so intense.

I was disappointed not to see Bake it So! print. That would have been the first time I’d purchased multiple amounts of a shirt. I need to go recruit some trekkies to shirt.woot, I think.

…but then they wouldn’t sell all these Star Wars shirts, oh noes!

*ps: Thanks for the HM, woot! I totally considered drawing cat hairs in the dough…lol.