Derby #225 (Australia): Honorable Mentions

Woot! Thanks for the HM. Congrats to all.

(But let’s not whip up that Aussie/Kiwi shearing rivalry into any more of a frenzy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

HM’s two weeks in a row. Do I have family working at woot that I don’t know about? Being Australian it was interesting to see what people understand of the place and the interesting directions the designs took.

Let me just say rasabi, in case you are reading this, I think it’s an absolute travesty that To the sun did not get an honorable mention. Absolutely outstanding shirt.

Woot, I hope you only did this to make it a daily!

Thanks for including me in this great batch of HM’s shirtwoot. Wow I never knew that the Emu was “running amok” in the latter part of 1932 in Western Australia. You learn something new everyday.

I feel extreeemely lucky to have my first ever shirt design mentioned (honorably). It makes my heart happy!

Great job with your design. Please keep submitting.

I absolutely second this. I was hoping that was going to be one of the print shirts, and to not even see it honorably mentioned gives me a sad. :<


This, so hard.

It seems shirt.woot is intentionally trying to turn off any of its would-be fanbase that has the slightest ability to appreciate anything other than kwaii, big-eyed animals and inside-joke geek references. Shirt.woot is essentially becoming a poor man’s teefury.

Thanks for the HM, Woot! :smiley:

I really wanted PLAITypus to print :confused: I love that shirt so much.