Derby #226 (Math in Nature): Honorable Mentions

Congrats to all the HM’s and thanks for including me too, shirtwoot!

Sometimes it’s really frustrating when a shirt doesn’t get voted into printing. Like this time.
Huh, Woot has an opinion. Sucks to be you, Woot, just like it sucks to be us when these things inevitably happen. :slight_smile:

blush aww shucks, woot :slight_smile: Thanks for the HM!!

Thanks for the HM Woot! And thanks for the free shirt! Keeping me clothed is in everybody’s best interest.

Glad to see Radscoolian + Midgerock among those getting a second chance. 2 of my favourites from this derby.

Thanks Woot. I’m in good company. :^)

Ur tellin’ me! What’d up Woot!

I totally missed seeing “Time of Civilization.” What a clean and fetching design. My favorite of the derby by far.