Derby #227 (Sci-Fi Kawaii): Honorable Mentions

Some great picks in here… Meowtropolis and The Attack were two of my favorites, and then there are a few second favorites in here too:) Congrats everyone!

Thanks for the HM, Woot! Great Derby, and great picks. My personal favorite was “Ninjas in Space(with dinosaurs).”

Ninjas in space (with dinosaurs) should be on a shirt. Goodluck queenmob!

Cant wait for some of these to come back around!

No Droid? No storm-birds? No fablefire?

Agreed! Kudos to the artists who made these great shirts, but I honestly can’t believe Wrong Droid, in particular, didn’t get the nod. It was screwed out of a potential Derby win, made a miraculous near-comeback…and then isn’t even recognized with an HM. I guess I just don’t have the proper shirt.woot artistic vision.

Madness is indeed the word. Woot isn’t helping the matters, because another HM just means that there will more turbunguins in the future too. I can only UNvote so much, y’know!

If Ninjas in Space (with Dinosaurs) doesn’t make the top three in the next Double-Take, it HAS to be an EC print. Make it happen, woots.

*“Aw, who’s a horrific metaphor for repressed male sexual inadequacy? YOU ARE!”

I think I just snorted some Coke out my nose. :slight_smile:

/Stop that - I said OUT not IN.

Ummm where is the “Electric Mouse” or “Wrong Droid”?!?!! So sad considering I thought I was going to buy a ton of shirts this weekend and did not buy one. Not a cute Kawaii derby :confused:

I came in here to say just this. I’m majorly sad-facing right now.

Congrats to all the HMs shirtwoot, and many thanks for including me. There was a ton of outstanding designs in the derby.

I’m disappointed not to see FTL Kawaii on here, even though it didn’t climb very high in votes. This was the only one that didn’t print that I would have actually purchased. Do the people who like cute just not know what neutrinos are, or something?


@Spiritgreen: coughteefurycough


Great lineup here!!! I was so incredibly sad to have missed this derby over the holiday ;_;. I look forward to these making a strong showing at the next DT!

If “inevitable” had printed, I would have gone broke buying them as gifts, so I guess it’s a good thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Spiritgreen if Wrong Droid prints anywhere else I will buy it straight up. I can’t believe it didn’t get an HM. :frowning: