Derby #236 (Watercolors): Honorable Mentions

I’m glad to see that “Kiss of Death” received an HM! Congrats everybody!

Hey, cool! :smiley: Thanks very much for the HM, Woot!

A million mouth-breathing, overweight American dudes in their basements just sighed with longing.

Glad I wasn’t the only one.
Thanks for the HM, shirt.woot!

Thanks a lot woot, congrats to all!

My peacock thanks you from the bottom of his technicolor heart, woot.

Thanks woot!

Thanks so much woot!

Who whoooo!
(That’s owl for “thanks, Woooot!” (Owls call you guys woooot. Scientists still don’t know why.))

I have to give props for the Hendrix reference under “Castle on a Cloud.”

This derby really blew me away. I’ve been following Shirt.Woot for a long time, and while as a guy most of these shirts aren’t for me, they are just beautiful to look at. Really liked the Bird Lover and the City in the Clouds.

I was really pulling for Bird Lover. This is my cat to a tee, from the fluffy tail to eaten birds with only feathers as evidence (in the house, at that… yuk!). Gotta love dog doors.

I love 90% of these! Will any of them be up for sale?