Derby #238 (Kitties!): Honorable Mentions

Thank goodness Rescue got an HM. I’ll be pulling for it in the double take.

Thanks for the support! Also, I’m relieved to break my honorable mention slump- it’s been almost a year (Robot derby #191).

Puss in Boot! Puss in Boot! I want. I want. waits impatiently for Double-Take

Darth MEOWWW. I’m glad you’ll get another shot.

I was rooting for King and for Darth Meow, hopefully there’s a double take in our near future!!

Darth Meow and Catlas!

Thanks, Woot! I know these kitties will all be clawing at the top in the next Double Take. Definitely tons of fun designs here. I can’t wait to see them again!

Thanks woot and thanks voters for all the vote-y love! Glad Darth Meow will have another shot.

Can’t believe Copy Cat didn’t get an HM despite the rejection… I has a sad.