Derby #24: Invention



Hahah illustrators unite on this one!


Hahahahaha… hahaha… ha… ha… cry

I was saving this design for something else. :<


yeah but talk about challenging derby… I foresee many rejections.


These derbies keep on getting funner and funner!


Wow this is going to be a great derby.


I call dibs on Dr. Seuss style inventions!!! Cant wait till i design my Whumpathumpa wangolator…


Oh man, this sounds like a really tough subject. Rock on!


If only I could draw!


does it involve Sam I Am, Horton the Who, or will you spice it up and use an Oompa Loompa?


Do the Grinchmobile!


maybe a ‘Live-Trace’ Off Machine!


All I can think of is the great big electro whocardio flux. or however it’s pronounced. The big instrument on wheels. Which I wish existed


Woot would have told you if you needed drawing skills to enter.


congrats winners!

on a different note, please support cho! thank you!


Okay! Time to get the brain working! Switch on the design mode. See you all tomorrow!

Congratulations to Derek who made it to the fog. The last few hours must have been crazy. I didn’t watch, but the votes were very high this week.

James- for what it’s worth, I thought your entry should have been in the fog as well. I do hope you will plan to do something with the illustration. I know a few sites that print on canvas and print posters if you are interested?


Okay, I can draw. Now if only I could be creative…


Kenny, the day of the pucker-o-matic is finally here!


derekfilley, 4th place king!

thanks for the support :wink:


This will be a very interesting derby. I can’t wait to see the entries.