Derby 243 (Spring into Spring!): Honorable Mentions

Thanks Woot! Though picturing your description of how peeps are made in my head will disturb me for the rest of the day.

thanks a lot Woot team :-))

Cool, thanks so much Woot team. :^)

Congrats to all the HMs.

I was (and am still) lobbying for Squirrelmorphosis. It would have lined your pockets with gold, Woot.

Glad to see Veg of the Day on there though. It was my second favorite.

Nice choices this week. I didn’t even see Lucky’s heart made o’ bunnies… IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!

Thanks for the HM, woot! This derby was fun :slight_smile:

The stench of old pee pee is rivaled by the aroma of bunny pellet poo. Cheers missmelis and cptgone! Also thanks for the HM woot! :slight_smile:

Ah bunny poo…pellets go in, pellets come out. They sure are amazing creatures, those bunnies.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought I’d read something somewhere recently that you were going to make the “honorable mention” shirts available for purchase (for more than the awesome $12 daily) on the Monday after the derby weekend. I am all for it! I would have bought the symphonia one just now if you had.


I so badly wanted one of the bunny shirts. (as always)
I super love the bunny heart

We did. Looks like you missed it.

glad to see “Springtime is for lovers” got a HM :slight_smile:

Wasn’t the mention of honor set of shirts done for previous derbies (e.g. not inclusive of the one word derby)? If so, then tabbyfoo may not have missed symphonia after all. Do you know what regularity is planned for the mention of honor shirt sales?

That’s correct! Symphonia could very well be a winner in the next double-take derby or it could be an editor’s choice. Last week was the first time they did the “mentions of honor” sale. I don’t know if they’ll do it again but that would be cool.

Thanks for the HM, woot!