Derby #25: Citizenship

Cool, another no text week.

Ooh jeeez! Difficult and major potential for offence. I’m scared… but willing to try =)

Three words: Red, White, and Pucker!


Uh-oh…this one could be tough. YAY! NO TEXT! That’s great. Hope people note the request for no anti-immigrant messages. I fear the rejection stamp is going to be working overtime this derby.

Time to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks to everyone that kept me in the Invention Derby. It was very exciting to be in the fog!

I think not.

Couldn’t have banned text LAST derby, eh Woot? :wink:

Wow I wouldn’t even know where to start with this…

That sounds like me every week.

I don’t know if I can swing ANYTHING based on this topic, but I’m at least happy we won’t get a shirt with a couch on it saying “Model Sit-izen” or “Do Your Duty Or A Ninja Will Kill You”

Man. I’m either too nervous worrying about the Invention Derby results, or this new derby is hard! I’m totally drawing a blank. I wanted to build on a painting I did for the American Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina, but realized it had text. huh…this is a tough one…at least for me! I’m going to have to get some ideas from my husband (an import from Spain. :slight_smile: )

Excited to see what sort of entries we get!

Well i’ve thought of a couple of routes i could take with this sorda, but nothing that would look good on a shirt. And nothing anyone would want for sure. But the topics that i’m considering will probably be 3 of the most done topics for this theme. I’ll post more later if i can get anything out of it.

I’m not a citizen, and I don’t want to be. Trying to avoid political controversy seems like it’s going to be a lot of effort this time around.

Perhaps the theme should be renamed to Valued Members Of Our Communites

think we’ll see a lot of tax shirts and jury duty shirts?

I figure there will be a LOT less acceptable entries.

Wow hard topic, only things I can think of involves text.

WEll… remember, no matter where you are, you’re a citizen of SOMEwhere… even if its not the USA… That being said, this is going to be an awkward derby full of alot of flags, and political commentary.i forsee lots of dead activists, and live politicians.i see alot of folks getting upset and arguing, and i for one…

Am in for 3!

Well those things doesn’t have any direct connection to citizenship.

Get your “Regected” stamp ready! :slight_smile:

but are a “Civic Duty” … right?

I’m excited to see what you come up with, remember you don’t have to stick with America.

Though, I personally would like to see a shirt with Americans sneaking into Canada…Hopefully thats not anti-immigrant.