Derby #256: Lost in a Good Book


At first glance, this sounds like a wide open week…
How many times are we going to get into huge debates about about whether the design is based on the book or the movie? The lines get really fuzzy…

Great theme–can’t wait to see the designs.

I anticipate a shirt designed with only one color, but 50 shades of it.

Getting lost in a book means that a book should be included in the design, otherwise, yeah, pretty wide open. I forsee some awesome Artistic possibilities for this one.

Can we include text titles of existing books?

I am a excited! Last time we did a derby like this I was just getting started.

Hmmm…ideas, ideas.

The more wide open the derby, the harder time I have coming up with an idea.


Shades of grey reference? lol! should sell tons in kids sizes.

resubbing this tweaked design from the last book derby.
what do you guys think?

I’m new to this so do we draw what we imagine from a book that we love?
And do we use the book name???

anything you like as long as you think it’ll slip by the rejectionator. as i see it, it just has to be somewhat reasonable (not convoluted) how it’s connected to a book (or books in general), especially if the title of your entry is not visible in the design.

try to avoid the extreme of “these words appear in a dictionary therefore i can draw anything i want”

Draw anything, or at least anything inspired by “Lost in a Good Book” I was considering a “Tea Party” Where all the people around the table were characters floating out of books.

Can we include public domain text?

Awesome! I assume you’re going to clean up the book itself? The title sort of looks slapped on there, lolcat/poor Photoshop style.

thanks for the feedback.
this should look better.

Waldo got lost in books all the time.

Would love to see a Jasper Fforde reference!

Come on, artists, bring me the Alice in Wonderland shirt I’ve been dreaming of.