Derby #26: Graffiti

Vote for mine you know you want this, I dont know anything about making designs I made it on paint and i dont know how to put a picture here but , i assure you it wont dissapoint.

Resubmitting with my own imagination of an extra terrestrial (assuming that was the issue with my previous submission).

Also fyi - grapheetee is my registered domain name, so not violating anything here.

puhleeze woot, we put in a lot of effort into our tees, don’t be so quick at axing them :(… Thanks!! (p.s. but i think you guys are doing a great job keeping the site clean!)

all those who voted…please do vote again!! :slight_smile: Thanks!

I didn’t have a chance to submit yesterday. If you like throw me a vote. Thanks!

Visit for CREHATER!

Funny, I just don’t think of her as particularly buxom. Dolly Parton is quite buxom. This woman is normally proportioned, I would say. not stick-thin, but normal shaped.

I actually equate “normal” with buxom. I say this because rail-thin is definitely not normal IMHO. I see your point, though.

its like youre not even speaking english anymore…

Does that mean we get a cut when it wins?

Congrats on the fog, you deserve it. im glad the resub is doing well…only wish the chinchilla could tag along for the ride… :frowning:

Maybe a resubmit with a better slogan?

Love it. Too much clothing… though I don’t know how much you can get away with on woot.

@ electric - tauren warrior? LF1M tank for Kara. Join us! :smiley:

Finally got one in before Monday this time. I couldn’t think of anything funny, so I just went with a straight on design. It’s even got a little signature in there. It definitely brought me back to my High school days. Hope y’all like:

Maybe if the chinchilla had glowsticks and a bit of un tse un tse un tse un tse…

JBedWar- It’s cool that you’re promoting other people this week. That’s a nice thing to do! Can you add a link to DaVinci too? It’s slated to be cut on Monday unless a miracle occurs. :slight_smile:

Nicely done! GMV.

I L.oled when I read this.

This is my caveman entry:

Truthfully, it’s not as finished as I wish it was, but it got to the point where I was just wasting time in the file- my edits had stopped making it better and I was just adding things. I think I need to work on something else for a while, lol.

gasp You shot the momma deer! Now it’s just like Bambi. :cry:


My entry with the neandertal graffiti might have worked without it, huh?

Thanks gthree

Most Certainly!!! Loved the shirt.
I also talked someone into buying one that was considering it anyway. Told them it would help keep the shirt alive.

Done… also resized my other two to match the size of yours so that it all looks more uniformed.

I saw a bunch of those street sign entries and wondered if anyone had thought about doing one like the Snakes on a Plane airport sign graffiti:

I think it would be cool to see something like that.