Derby #262: Gold

Hey guys,

We’re polishing up the final wording on the derby changes and will have it up shortly.

I predict no less than 12 indiana jones themed entries…


thank the tgentry! i didn’t think “gold ink” merited the extra “there’s change a-coming!”

haha, ditto. “anti-climactic” popped into my head.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that was a letdown.


No Mario ban this week? Doesn’t he, like, collect gold? Isn’t that his thing?

“Polishing” it up, eh? I hope it glitters when you’re done. Stay golden, tgentry.

There go my dreams of having more than 24 hours to prepare a derby entry…

Gold ink, eh? I predict a plethora of Mario and Sonic designs centered around gold coins and rings, respectively.

true… unfortunately.

Am I just dense? I don’t understand how anyone jumped to the conclusion that gold ink is the new derby rule. That’s not what was said. ???

In b4 C3PO

nobody said the change had to be a new derby rule. it could be (have been) anything.

Just sayin that I read this comment as an “Oh, by the way…stay tuned.” It says nothing about gold.

R2D2 gettin his Cash for Gold.

“No Mario, Doctor Who, Zelda, Star Wars, Monty Python, or any other horses that have been beaten well past their deaths.”

So, basically what you are saying is that we can be creative? :wink:

Now, enforce it.

Would like to see some Olympic gold.