Derby #264: Your Third and Final Wish

I can tell that its referring to Firefly/Serenity, and the wish that they would do a second season, but whether someone on the street would get whats going on without knowing the derby theme… ? Not so sure on that…

Is this a Firefly reference or a N_A_Z_I reference? Because I do believe they’re Browncoats in Mr. Whedon’s universe.

Also, I personally quite dislike that font. It’s overdone IMO unless I’m totally missing the reference all around.

ETA: Argh filters! I wasn’t being ignorant but quite the opposite! And I now realize maybe you substituted “shirt” for “coat” on purpose cuz it is on a shirt after all, but the Brownshirts were a Naz*i thing.

Well total crap - I thought one thing and typed the other.

Probably best to get that right, huh?

I’ve got a number of friends/family members who still spit when they say the word “Fox”, because of the Firefly cancellation. They were my inspiration, because I know they’d be in for 7 apiece, so that they could wear one every day of the week.

Here’s the one without my brainfart:

I’m not a big Papyrus font fan either, but I was going for the Serenity reference.

I did have a ship integrated into the design, as well, but then figured that would be rejectionator bait. I also wanted to use the Chinese characters for the word “serenity”, as well, but figured that would get the rejectionator treatment, as well.

I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing Harry Potter stuff now, but I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while and this seems like the perfect time :slight_smile: Any Thoughts?

Oh to be a Gryffindor…

Is it better with or without the black border?

Totally forgot about the SERENITY logo in Papyrus! More used to the “firefly” typeface.

Your brainfarts are contagious!

One more design I’m working on, and then to bed:

On the subject of firefly, it was brown coat cough

I’d like it better if there was some way to make the reference clear without the word “Browncoat” at all.

Also, not that this is a necessary component the way the description is written, but did you have a first two wishes in mind?

That is, if I’m interpreting correctly that the wish is for there simply to be a Season Two, and hence a reason for the shirt’s existence. With the word “Browncoat” in there, maybe the wish is to be an official browncoat actually appearing in season two, or something.

That is it, exactly. :slight_smile:

To expand: I have a friend in the movie business, and on a number of the sets he’s worked, the crew and extras often have identifying shirts. He’s got several that have a pre-publicity logo (not the final one) and “CREW” or “TECH” on them.

A Man’s Wish

high res here:

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but… Papyrus? Really?

Are we keeping the new derby rules for this one? I didn’t notice a guest editor or anything… did I miss something?

The Serenity film logo uses Papyrus. Makes perfect sense to reference it and use the same font.

EDIT: In actual fact, looking at it now, it does not use papyrus, but it is a very similar style font.

It’s funny - there’s quite a bit of the same reaction I had when I realized I’d need to use the Papyrus font. After lots and lots of Googling, even the professional guys seem to think Serenity started with the Papyrus font, and just tweaked it in a few places.

What got me started down this path (I’ve watched the series once on Netflix, though I did watch the movie in the theater - because my aforementioned friends were in a state of euphoria and demanded I accompany them) was the obsessive devotion I have seen in fans of the series, and the thoughts of what their “Third Wish” would be.

Maybe that’s part of their plan…I don’t think they announced spiritgreen until the derby started last week, either.

I like this