Derby #266 (Single Line): Honorable Mentions

Thanks for the HM, Woot! I’m surprised because it didn’t do very well vote-wise.

More good picks this week. Thanks for including Endless Ocean for a HM. I still have this feeling that all it will take is one pull in the right place and everything will unravel.

Thank you shirt.woot overlords! Good choices!

good to see shirts other than the top 15 get HM.

I have my fingers crossed for keys.

I’m Honored indeed! I really enjoyed designing this one!

Out of curiosity, why are neither of the ‘Moon’ shirts up here?

I wouldn’t expect an answer there. But, at a guess, it’s because while the moon images comply with the rules, they aren’t really what ‘single line’ is supposed to inspire. The idea should be to create the image from one line, not take an image and digitally convert it to a single line.

Could be just me, though. The moon designs were fantastic tributes, but they aren’t in the same category.