Derby #266: Single Line



seems familiar somehow…


can your line cross itself?


this should get interesting


I love this theme!





Good question. And can it vary in width?


I’m gonna do a Digimon / Playboy Club mash-up, but I won’t submit it until Monday, so it won’t be rejected for being PopCulture!!


Does that mean one continuous line:

(Obviously styled to create something)

Or one single line of text?


I wish I had taken more time to master the Etch-A-Sketch beyond bashing it against a wall…


You can check this derby for examples of what they want. Except, of course, the tigers and phoenixes.


I am pretty sure they mean only one line (drawn) through the whole design.


It’s like Derby #32: Line Art.


Ouch, this is a toughy! @_@


and derby #74: One Continuous Line


3/16th equals 13.5 pt line, is woot gonna police this well? I try to follow rules, and I hate it when others don’t.


Apparently they aren’t policing anymore. So many should have been rejected in this last derby but they weren’t


Can the line double back over itself? I know the rule in the “One Continuous Line” derby was that it could not, but there is no specification here.


But if you look ‘by votes’ the first questionable shirt is #36. So as much as it Bugs us all, they’re at least policing the ones that ‘matter’. They don’t give a damn about the rest of us, but c’est la vie.

I do not think, however, that they will be rejecting based on this (line size) for anyone outside of the fog. To much work for to little return. I just hope they monitor for it in the fog, and don’t just “fix it afterwards” since they reserve the right to alter any submitted design.


That is one thick line…