Derby #268: Crosshatch Rehash

20 minutes and no comments? I thought we’d see some early designs already, what with the early heads-up…

Me too! I’m looking forward to this derby.

OK, how about this work in progress? Are the lines going to be too fine? I’m mostly concerned with the negative lines on the legs.

Also, does anyone have title suggestions? He’s a California Condor.

Those lines on the legs don’t look any thinner than the ones on the winning & fogged entries on the previous derby.

See the background in the winning walrus entry, for example.

Or, the white nosed reindeer, or the rain dancer.

What heads-up you haven’t given use a heads-up in Double-Take Derby 16, 17, or 18.

What happened to the random rules? I miss those. When I looked back at the previous crosshatch derby, I was reminded of them.

“Dapper Bird” Nice work.

The heads up have been given in the double take discussion thread recently. DTD17 was missing a heads up, but 16 and 18 definitely had them.

Yes - 16 was the “Real Life RPG” heads-up. Only 17 was missing a head start.

My bad I guess I didn’t see them.

I’m just use to seeing it on the front page when it says.

And since you’ve got all this extra time on your hands, here’s a sneak peek at next week’s Derby Theme to get you started: (Blank)

“Carry on, old chap”

Will there be a guest judge?

The Line width must be a minimum 2 point with the Brush Tool OR Pencil Tool and in Photoshop or Illustrator because I check and there is a difference between them?

LOL! I just got it. Sold.

Haha - good one!

Been narrowing down the choices with the family this week, but narrowing it down from here is at an impasse.

Black, Navy or Green?

I prefer the black and gold, myself, due to the gears on the left side.

Here’s one I’ve been messing with…


It’s a battle of HYBRID monsters… one known, one new…

any thoughts on color / possible title?

Ok… just to be clear… cross hatch means using many lines that cross each other so basicly a picture made of Xs?

And I’m suppose to do this digitally? :C
I’m screwed. -_-’