Derby 269: Worst. Job. EVER.

starfleet redshirt

I predict 9 Mario entries, two of which will make the fog.

“Incidental text only” means no slogans? What about something like fishbiscuit’s Merlin shirt? Is that “incidental”? Can someone clarify?

I believe it means that the design must be understandable without the text. In other words, if you delete the text, will people still “get” the design? If the answer is no, then the text is not incidental.

That’s my understanding.

Basically it means text can’t be the main focus, so I don’t think the Merlin shirt would stand. The design needs to work on its own, but perhaps is enhanced by small amounts of text, like a sign in the background or a label on a container.

probably more. entries, and in the fog. :^(

Perhaps in the past, but I think we’ve seen a pseudo-backlash against Mario themed designs recently. The last few to be entered haven’t done well (although it hasn’t been allowed the last several weeks, you actually have to go back to #256 to find one that finished in the fog), and those to print (as daily shirts) haven’t lasted long. I dunno, maybe it’s just me though.

Worst job at this point in time is probably “US Ambassador to [insert name of North African/Middle-Eastern country]”.

Probably not much room to mine humor in that topic, tho.

I was going to post the same thing except with 14 in the place of 9.

Hey everyone - I always enjoy seeing works in progress and giving and getting feedback on work, like we get in the pre-derby threads. So I’m trying to revive the WIP thread in the artist’s resources section. Go take a look and post!

Assistant Crack Whore

My thought exactly. Was surprised Star Trek wasn’t included in the exculsions!

I guess I’d better learn to draw, cause I’ve got the perfect idea for this.

Bill Lumbaugh’s Initech Employee of the Month.

Here’s what I came up with, “a rotten job” ick. Thoughts?

I like the style, but I’m not quite sure I get the joke. Also, you have to ask yourself, would people want to wear this? It’s not gruesome enough for the splatter crowd, and not cute enough for the kawaii crowd. But your style is refreshing!

Thanks for the comments, the joke is simply that it would suck to be a trashcan on account of all the nasty stuff that would be thrown away. This drawing is a little darker than I usually aim to draw, and to your credit I agree its not near dark “enough” to work right. I usually draw a bit more light hearted, but figured I’d try something new-ish for myself.

OMG you nailed it !!

I did not write Oh My Failing grades… censorship…