Derby #27: Dreams

Wow… got beat by sheep. O_o

Man can they fly.

Not anymore … shhhh :slight_smile:

I should have pimped this more. I’m hoping to finish within the top 50; fierce competition though.

Ugh, that really sucks. That must have been kinda freaky.

I wish I would have taken a screen shot, but did anyone else just see that top 7 weirdness?

Numbers 5-7 were numbers 1-7 (in the fog)

Bah out of the top 10 for me. Just didn’t get enough votes.

I just want to know the next theme. =x lol

huh? can you re-explain that? the top seven were all in the fog?

By the way, Edgar is making a bit of a run. go Edgar, go!

ha. sorry. The fog was actually 5th - 8th place and 5th - 8th place was still 5th - 8th place. I even refreshed a couple times and it didn’t change until i went off the site and came back.


Same here.

that is really odd. I’d guess it was your browser.

Thank you so much Geekfactor. You have helped me so much. I am playing around with this stuff now and getting pretty excited about my next entry. I’ll post one of the things I am doing now to show the difference.

daises are for pansies!
holy cow batman. A lot of negativity :o Brush it off.

I do like this better than when you submitted it to TL with lighter colors -
I hope ya place cheese!

Thanks cho. I also hope I place. If not for the money, for the fame!

Alright!!! I have a new way to draw! It might not change my style but it is completely due to Geekfactor. Thank you so much for showing me the Photoshop light :smiley:

What do you all think? Here is a quick one I did showing old style and new style let me know if you see the improvement. Thanks again.

I think you really nailed the scarf, the lines you used look exactly like shadows on the fabric :slight_smile:

Looks great! It’s crisp and clean but still didn’t lose that hand-drawn look. How did you do it? Oh and I’m gonna look past your use of Comic Sans for now. heh

Thank you so much. It was my first effort. By the time I got to the scarf I was getting more familure with the lines and curves. This is awesome and I agree that as I learn this more it will be the thing that my art is lacking.

Yeah I thought it looked really good on the resub too.

Click the tutorials link. There are awesome ones there.