Derby #270: Propaganda...FOR SCIENCE!



So Keep Calm and Carry On spoofs are allowed? Do we really need more of those?


I’m really digging this one!


Probably not since those are very much part of popular culture.

Are riffs on classic propaganda posters like “loose lips sink ships” allowed? I would think not since they technically count as pop culture.


I’m guessing that would fall under the “no pop culture riffs” rule.


Love the propaganda poster theme… wish it wasn’t limited to just science though. Even without pop culture I would make alot of entries for this as propagande in general.


So, you’re going to do an anthropological design then? :wink:


Political Science.



YES! This is the first derby I’m really excited about in months.
For science!!


You know, this would be one derby where anthropomorphic critters wouldn’t be frowned on. Between things like animal cloning and the Russian Domestic foxes experiment, the chance of a sentient or semi-sentient animal biped being created in the next 200 years is something I wouldn’t doubt.

That, or advancements in the field of body manipulation (wings/tail) because of people’s short attention span towards the current options available (tattoos and piercings)


No worries, they’ll still call you a furry lover, a largely ignore your efforts… Regardless of the logic, lol.




Took the words right out of my mouth. This derby would be tons more fun without the science. I just came up with a killer idea but it has nothing to do with science. :C


I’m so excited for this one after missing the last two! The wheels are turning…


Darn… keep it classy… I was thinking something about inertia and welfare lines. “Objects at rest, tend to stay at rest.”

I don’t agree with the sentiments, but it made me laugh.


Thanks for the feedback last derby everyone…I really did listen and I think I have something much better for this one (AND 100% original) :)…Any thoughts?

There is text in the background of the yellow section which is the law in Latin…too much text? Should I take it out?



There was alot of scientific progress in that era so creating some SCIENCE!!! propaganda in that style should be fertile ground.

No pop culture is allowed remember, but thinking of stuff like old Fallout(the game) posters or the 50’s Aperture Science propaganda might help.

I would naturally love to see some giant robots so hopefully Rglee has been notified of this derby!


I was thinking about a “robot Rosie the Riveter” kinda thing. Anybody have any input for me ?? Yay, Nay… I need some feedback so I can get started, please…


I would say to take out the background text. It’s tough to read and isn’t really necessary.

I like what you have so far, but I’m curious about what you could do if you went a bit more dramatic with it. That’s one element of propaganda posters that always stuck out to me - the AHHH THE WORLD IS GOING TO END dramatic effect going on. I think a good place to start would be to play around with the text a bit. Font style, size, color can make a big difference on these posters. Google a few and you can see how the text was really woven into the alarming message of the overall design.


That might get a bit too close to the “no pop culture riffs” rule. Rosie is an iconic and still very often used image/design.

Perhaps playing on something with robot workers?