Derby #271: Shirt as Costume Redux

Go to party as internet. Much laughs. Maybe.

I’d like to make it look like it’s done in sharpie, something someone would throw together. Thus the white shirt.

Someone tell me this is a bad idea and I’ll move on with my life.

Is this too ugly to be funny? I haven’t done the hands or book covers yet. Any thoughts?

Source image, if you haven’t seen it:

All done I guess. This is “Re: Your Brains”


someone should do a costume about the replacement refs!

I think you’ll get hit with similar shirts exist on this.

A different take on the “I’m with stupid” idea. :wink:

Good luck artists!

I really like the idea of having a white shirt and making it look like someone just drew something in sharpie. There’s just a whole lotta stuff going on in this design…perhaps focus in on one element. Some of the text stands out and seems to go against the drawn by Sharpie at the last minute vibe.

This is - honest to goodness, with a great deal of respect for all of you - the only design posted so far that I “get” (and I laughed). Woot seems to avoid religious iconography - is the cross sufficiently removed from a religious context that the Rejectionator won’t mind it? (I don’t find it at all offensive, but I do find Tuesday afternoon visits from the Rejectionator offensive, so I thought I’d bring it up in advance.)

So would Robbie, TBH.

@Wileet and Orabiit- Thanks for the comments and thoughts. Note is officially out. And good call on bass and treble, Wileet. I’ll probably put those in. Thanks!

@Icy13- Dang! thanks for the great crit. Like I said, the note is out and the bass/treble s most likely in. I’ve played with getting the text to look more naturally on the surface, but haven’t found a way to do it yet without sacrificing legibility. I just downloaded a good DYMO font, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll try to tweak alignment, too. Thanks again for taking the time to write such a thoughtful crit.

As for voices, Jones and Shatner stay. But the middle one… I don’t like Prowse b/c it doesn’t make sense as a voice option. Maybe a proxy or stunt double. Perhaps a doppelganger for public appearances… But for a voice I was thinking:

J.E. Jones (default)


With the blank being one of the following:

G. Gottfried
R. Moranis (but are 2 Spaceballs references one too many?)
J. Rabbit
T. Waits

Any feedback is much appreciated, Icy13 and others??? Thanks!

Excellent, if anything my style wins I’ll have a cosplay for New york Comic Con!

@J5, I can def see that interpretation. Hopefully this spin on it will stand out since it’s commentary about how un-scary DV is, not just a “look like Darth Vader” shirt (of which there others).

Between the hammy writing (Nooooooo!) and the irresponsible merchandising (my nephew has a stuffed Vader he used to sleep with!), they really made Vader pretty ridiculous, and more of a joke then the scary murderer he was way back in the day. That’s the idea, anyways.

What about Don LaFontaine? I’m not sure if his name is household enough, but his voice sure is.

I would truly love to hear Darth Vader with Tom Waits’ voice. Or maybe Barry White’s?

Hey, that’s a good one! I had to google him, but once I did it’s a pretty funny option.

@cdrewlow Yes to Barry White. Ha ha ha!

Here’s one idea - Not sure if it’s been done…

edit: nevermind…this one’s all text

It’s been a long time since I designed something, but I had to throw my hat in the ring for this one. Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcome.

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