Derby #271: Shirt as Costume Redux

Can someone clarify the pop culture bit? Would this shirt from last time fly?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-5ynobs-s.jpg

I think it would be fine There is no Triforce logo. It’s up to the viewer to make the connection between that and Link.

When I was writing up the rules for this one, the Shirt folks specifically said “A shirt with Link’s insignia would not be OK, but an elf shirt that just looks like Link’s would be OK.”

so a Daryl Dixon Zombie ear necklace would be Ok? It’s basically just nothing iconically pop culture?

Rough ball-point doodle, but I wanted to solidify this idea before anyone else had the same:

I want to capture the costume of the zombie office worker “Bob” from the Jonathan Coulton song “Re:Your Brains” one of my favorite songs of the season, or songs period. I just worry about being too gory for the Woot audience, but I’m gonna go forward with this idea.

I have an idea that isn’t fox related! :stuck_out_tongue: Hyper realistic bomb, possibly clockwork/steampunk style. The type where someone can open up their fancy vest and pretend to have a bomb strapped to themselves.

…and wear that to an airport… jk

That’s a shirt that won’t fly… on a plane, hur hur.

“It’s not a bomb… these are just road flares.”

“Road flares?! Son, did you grow up under powerlines?”

Like this? Still, an awesome and very wearable idea.

But wouldn’t one argue that “similar shirts exist” might be a source of rejection in its own right, correct?

It would be so easy to do any Star Wars character, or a Ninja turtle, or Dr. Who scarf, but have they all been done already? I, too, fear the “similar shirts exist” .

Hoping someone comes up with a shirt that a kid could use. Would save my sisters-in-law much anguish to just throw a shirt on a kid. Most ideas from the last derby were too complicated to explain to a child, unfortunately.

Here’s something I’ve been working on. I’m thinking the title could be something like “Sith Armor with Labels” Any ideas for labels are more than welcome!

Also, I’ve been playing with the idea of including a note, like this:

Thanks for any feedback!

Here’s what I’ll be submitting, though the title might change:
Vampire Hunter by Ape Lad, on Flickr

you know what… you make a good point. but what kind of shirt would kids like besides superheroes?

I quit! Looks great, and so many funny bits. Probably doesn’t need the note.

I like it better without the note. As for other labels, what about Bass & Treble for the silver bars on each side of the chest piece there? Maybe move the middle rivets or whatever they are to different positions so it looks like they’re moveable?