Derby #272: College Shirts



Here’s my idea:

I may make it a little less obviously alcohol oriented and more red solo cup dependent. I like the idea of having the crest crackling and falling apart, and having the leaves on the ivy vines dead.


Oh, and i’ll fix the Latin, but I’m gonna use Pig Latin for “Party On Dude”


I have a feeling this derby will be rife with “similar shirts exist” rejections.


this is the beginning of my design idea, not the finished product…but i wanted to throw it out there anyway


Here’s a (groan inducing) idea I’m working on.


Shame you can’t submit your Internet Athletics bit.


I hope artists take a few minutes to run a few searches before spending time crafting a design. Not only can they avoid wasting their time, but then we can avoid a derby where every other comment is about unoriginality.


Anyone have any feedback on this?


Do you intend the latin to be ‘out of one, many’ rather than the traditional ‘out of many, one?’ If so, the latin for that would be e uno plures.


I find it funny that we finally have a banned subject that is science based and not a blatant meme-related ban.

Waiting for the penguin flight school design from… uhm… someone…




Black? Asphalt? Still needs halftones and tweaks but thoughts welcome…


Quick Question… Got an idea for a shirt but don’t know which term is more widely used…

__th-Year SENIOR??


Asphalt doesn’t seem as crisp and clear.


But it’s sho pretty :3 Okay yeah black makes more sense anyway, just needed someone to remind me of this…


Thanks! I was looking for help on that phrase. I’ve also found Ex uno plures in the meantime. Is this also accurate?


Funny, but “your mom goes here” isn’t so good. Maybe a pun like “sew educational” or something.


I actually really liked the “Your mom goes here” part. I can see how others might not like that, but I think that would be the selling point for me.

Also, I can’t believe Harry Potter isn’t on the list of no-nos.


Is there a Heather Grey option? I didn’t see it on the color sheet, but I figured I’d double check anyways since it’s kind of perfect for college tees