Derby #273: Animals as People



Guesses on how many rejections for pigs as cops?


can the animals be extinct?


Can they be mythological, cryptids, or, or imaginary!?



“Original ideas only. If you can’t design something without using someone else’s existing characters, maybe take a break.”


I wonder if it’d be counterproductive to submit a bunch of entries?


If someone has a penguin selling suits and tuxes, I won’t be able to resist that shirt.

Clever? Eh, probably not.
Adorable? Yes! And really, that’s all that matters. :wink:

Oh, and those who hate the cute designs, this might be the time to take a week off from checking the derby.


only if they’re similar concepts that would compete for each others votes.


I won’t have time to draw up the animals’ flip-side version of a Furry convention, but I’ve got the image stuck in my head. Maybe they’d call it a Shiny convention?


I was thinking of redoing this design (making it more dynamic and so on)…but I was just wondering if there is any interest in the general idea? Hipsterpotamus anyone? Maybe I would get rid of the writing… not sure yet.


Great derby/rules !! Can’t wait to see this !


LOL…never! Did you know that it’s possible to do animals without being cute? Yes, I assure you, it can be done. Come on people, design something that doesn’t make me puke rainbows!


I’m out. :tongue:


I am aware that it is possible. However, this theme does lend itself to having quite a few “cute” designs and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as a design is original and well-executed, that is all that matters.

There’s nothing constructive in saying that designs are terrible just because they “make me puke rainbows”. A design could be very detailed and well-done and just because someone doesn’t like seeing a happy bunny, doesn’t mean the design is horrible and not worth printing. The design that instantly gets rejected because it’s cute is something that someone worked on for hours. Artists deserve more than “NO CUTE STUFF ALLOWED.”


I like it. And yes, text must go, since the rule says No Text.

But I’m a fan of hippos.

And rhinos.

And other animals ending in ‘os’.


Might get rejected for non-original character, but i would buy a shirt similar to this if it was a hiphopopotamus or Rhymenoceros.


I’m finding the derby rules/description slightly contradictory. Wouldn’t a goat filling out “TPS” reports go against the “original ideas only” rule? Does that rule just mean that the character used in the design can’t be an existing character such as ducktales, talespin, etc., but the design can still include elements or references to an existing work?


I had a go:

not sure if its an animal people will recognise ^^;

would this count as text? any help would be welcome ^^


Cool! I like the colors. You should fix the glasses. Something weird is happening on the left side.


Sloth! Very funny. Given the rules, I would be wary of having the “WR,” even though it is minimal. Some other possibilities are to have him crossing the finish line, standing on a podium, or getting a gold medal.