Derby #277: Caffeine

“You MUST submit print-ready artwork when you enter the Derby.”

does any1 else remember when you used to be able to upload your print ready from the web page, instead of having to email it? you couldn’t submit unless something was selected by all three browse buttons (detail, comp, print ready files). i wonder why that went away.

I seem to remember it got really buggy, and some people couldn’t submit. So they took it out and said just e-mail it.

why didn’t they just fix the bugs?

So, what constitutes submitting print-ready art? And how do I go about doing that? I’ve only ever seen the Design Detail and Shirt Comp options, and I haven’t really seen any guidelines for print-ready. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

don’t be silly.

can we let the “no characters you didn’t create” rule slide for a good Jessie Spano reference?

At first I read the second rule as “You MUST use characters that you didn’t create” and I was a bit surprised.

Here are my guesses for the winning designs:

1: Catchy slogan relating to caffeine and how we all need it so much
2: Cute animal suffering from the effects of caffeine (with big white lifeless eyes)
3: Nerdy chemistry themed caffeine shirt involving atoms and/or the periodic table

see the derby entry page, on the left side.

OH joy, more coffee molecule and buzzed cute animal shirts!

Though, ironically I was wearing this yesterday. How did you know Woot?!

I think that you should do your own half toning. I have seen too often of late unprintable half-toning on the shirt comp. Allowing woot to convert your gradients to halftones still doesn’t solve the fact that the comp will NOT look like the finished product. If you can’t do it good enough for printing, then don’t do it. IMHO

I like where this is going…

Lame… you stole ALL THREE of my epic designs… Thanks for spoiling my ideas…


I think there will be a lot of ‘similar shirts exist’ rejections.

One can only hope. Lots of “molecules” and “coffee levels critical” have made it through in the past.


I guess someone got picked this week and they had to track them down for the print-ready, or pick something else.

I saw these guidelines, but I’m still unclear on how/where to submit the Print-Ready Artwork… the Design Detail and the Shirt Comp submissions need to be pngs or jpgs, so where do Photoshop and/or Illustrator files go?

Just realized I forgot my print ready file for the Greece derby…so scatterbrained XD

I’ve never turned in a print-ready…


(are we supposed to on dailies also?)

I always assumed they would contact me if they needed one…

You email it:

They get emailed to after uploading your submission. The files can be no larger than 20MB (25?)