Derby #28 Cyberpub: Chatting it up


As promised, we can talk about whatever here. Derby stuff is always welcome too.


hugs spryte

I’m here…


Bookmarked. Cya.


I love talking about whatever… whatever is one of my favorite topics… its right up there with anything and stuff…




I’m glad this is getting a positive reception. I expected a few smurf you spryte stop trying to suck up or something like that comments. I liked our community.




Smurf you Spryte… stop trying to suck up… and… whatever…


For a while bhodilee called my spyte on the wine.woot forums. She misspelled my name and we thought it was funny. Once I contributed something meaningful she stopped. ^_~


Yay, I don’t have to pander to Rupert!


Cool, shirt people in EBW.


Whose rupert?


I was thinking the same thing…


Yeah - maybe we can drag some of you EBW folks kicking and screaming into the voting fray…

Somethign to be said for the most user involved aspect of the woot empire…


Oh, Rupert Murdoch. Last night I lamented choosing between bowing out of the forums and using MySpace to chat with folks. And I really try to stay away from MySpace because I abhor Murdoch and his companies (which, I’m sure you know, dominate the social networking site).


sigh maybe here we can get back to normal. I don’t mind moving if we have one collective area, and posts don’t get deleted, and I’m not afeaared of probation.

The MySpace group might not work on the weekdays so much, as some people cannot access it at work.


NOt a fan of the myspace boards… would prefer live chat, but eitherway - i have to get back to work… laters all


Surely you’re not going to beg for votes in EBW?! Say it isn’t so! :wink: I kid, I kid.


The EBW forums are the least moderated, since they don’t have to be on topic. The only things that get deleted (I think) are the other things that would normally get you probation, like threatening other users, etc.

crosses fingers


I do hate having to push “Yes I’m 18 and over” to access the boards again every time I post. We shall see. We shall see.

Kudos on doing a collective one thread for shirt.wooters. I hated just being pointed in the direction of EBW. I have no interest in trying to come up with new words for “whoopee” or counting. =/


Ms. Sugar,
Just remember, here threads tend to get locked at around 100 pages, which they didn’t do in the Derby threads.