Derby #282: Sleeeeeeeep

I love this theme.

Ahhh, great theme. Too bad I won’t be able to participate this week. I’ll be traveling to NYC this next week.

So good luck everybody! I’ll still vote for my favorites while I’m gone!

As winter settles in and we’ve traded flat sheets for fleece ones at the Squall household (turning the bed into an insane cocoon of ever-increasing warmth), this is a topic near and dear to me. I am excited to see what amazing shirts the artists can come up with this week.

InB4 127 “Sleep of Reason” entries.
or is that pop cult?


Shouldn’t we have a double take somewhen? XDXD

Nice, this one has potential.

In between Christmas and New Years, perhaps. :wink:

What’s going to win - cute or abstract? i.e. A pile of sleeping RamyB cats, or a splat-tastic Kharmazero dream?

oh joy! Can’t wait to see all of the cats in the fog this week…again

Can we have a “No Cats” rule in one of these Derbys? I know, I know, there would be no entries since that’s all most can draw…lol

Oh my giggles!!! SQUEEE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been wanting to do a sleepy sloth design for aaaaages!!! /happy dance.


I’m excitable.

NB4 139 Coffee designs.

If someone were to do a funny shirt regarding college students and sleep (or lack thereof), I’d love you.

(I’m an engineering student)

What about a cat dreaming he was a penguin wishing he could fly so he could see the top of a mouse maze from above so he could find the lab rat?

That is precisely the route I am thinking.

needs a turtle.

Are things like Rip Van Winkle and the Sandman considered Pop culture?

I would say RVW = YES since Irving created it, Morpheus, THE Sandman = yes (sadly… I wanted to make an endless shirt SO BAD)…

the sandman concept … no - he is folklore…