Derby #286: Escher-esque

predict prints from fishbiskit & lionscc.

This is a tough one–tougher than most “style” derbies. Mimicking a style is one thing, but coming up with a surreal idea AND executing with Escher’s precision will be hard.

Ugh. What a tough topic. I predict that there will not be a lot of entries this derby.

Coming up with ideas is one thing, but executing them in a way that comes close to evoking Escher is another.

Gonna stew on this one… I have an idea I can’t conceptualize yet…

or a concept I can’t visualize…

or something…


My M.C. Escher lessons are some of my favorites I teach!

coming close isn’t the point, getting votes without getting rejectionated is. i suspect the rejectionator will be fairly lenient with on-topicness, as usual.

Lenient vs totally ignoring broken rules are two different actions… in my mind.

Predict a bunch of these:

Aww. Esch-er-Sketch would be considered pop culture. Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Infinity and optical illusions would be words I’d pick to describe Escher. I was always a fan of his stuff when I was growing up, so I’m looking forward to some neat stuff this derby. May actually pick up a winner or two.

Stop! You’re letting everyone know what I plan on making.

Damn… that’s gonna be hard.

Something like those trick buildings would be cool.

maybe not… that’s one of the hardest this artist ever did. I can’t even to think of what two animals i would use

This. Escher was an insane stickler for detail… I might have to go down the road of tessellation for this one.

This being Woot … bunnies and turtles. :slight_smile:

in Argyle style.

Shush you’re giving away my genius plan

Can never get enough of those and don’t forget cats

Bunnies and Penguins OF COURSE!

So now we have a 4 way Bunny-Penguin-Turtle-Cat Tesselation Tranformation… in Argyle style.

Ready GO

This Derby should eliminate several, ahem, “artists”. You know the ones who do the same thing week after week. Good riddance.