Derby #286: Escher-esque

Bonus points if you can get one single shape in the center to look like a woot logo

I’m sure there’s a plugin for that.

Woot refs are rejection bait.

I am hesitant to comment since I have zero artistic talent, but this is the first derby where no one has asked for commments on shirt designs yet. So I am guessing this will call out some rare talents. Hope so, I enjoy the more unusual contest. Good luck everyone!

Here is what I have so far…

Is the Tesseract to small?
To crazy?
To colorful?
Is the eye TOO ESCHER and therefore copying?
Any thoughts?

BTW… making a Tesseract in photoshop SUCKS if you don’t really know what you are doing… BUT, you feel like a scientist when you are done…

Perfect. Don’t touch it.

Here’s what I got. Any comments are appreciated.

Look’s amazing! From far away the expression looks weird though. Maybe give just a little more definition to the eye? idk

Thanks! I’ll look into it.
Also, it’s on five colors, not six. Forgot to merge my photoshop layers!

the möbius strip looks wrong to me. I can’t follow the surface all the way around.

I have an idea request. And it’s one that doesn’t involve foxes but rather something more poetic.

Heart and Soul, Escher style with merging of the two in some way. Fairly simple idea but yet very romantic in a sense. Anyone with a strong chance to print interested in trying it?

Apparently you are allowed to put any off-toppic crap out here you want since the Rejectionator is on a loooooong holiday. So get busy with those bunnies, turtles and cats! They’re so Escher!

heh. Thanks man. :slight_smile:

You’re right. It’s got a double twist instead of a single.

This is what I have, but I can’t decide between white and gray:





halp please :frowning:

A little help here - best of luck –

The duck has no feet and the cat has no mouth. I’m not getting it. To me, it looks like a seal gone wrong. JMO

2 for sure.

At what hour does the derby start ?

12 PM CST (GMT -6:00).

Thanks. :slight_smile: