Derby #291: Video Game Titles Reinterpreted



it would be cooler if you had a “no video game characters” rule this week. Really push that imagination!


Donkey Kong as a donkey-shaped dog toy. Go ahead, artists.

I like this theme, because it requires a pop reference that can’t be screamed at the audience due to the no text requirement. Thumbs up, woot… for now.


Agree! Oh how I wished it said “No Mario” and “No Piranha Plant”. Seen that done in too many derbies already.

Come on people do something ORIGINAL!


Mario and Luigi wearing capes and fighting crime!

Print it!


In theory that’s the idea–create a design that someone who’s never heard of the video game can look at the design and say the title. So including the video game’s character wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.

But in practice, you’ll see a lot of submissions where one item is changed and understanding the rest of the design requires advanced knowledge of the subject. I think the rejectionator gets overwhelmed in that event.

So I’m predicting at least one design in the fog featuring a Triforce, even though there really shouldn’t be on in this derby.


What I am imagining an overload of, will be the juxtaposition of game elements and characters. In this light, the use of VG characters will dim the light of the REALLY creative entries…


Eh, if people wanted original then I’m sure the artists would comply.

I wonder what the limitations of the term “video game name” are. I mean there are Star Wars, Doctor Who, Princess Bride, and many other LCD-appealing video games.


Anything that goes from another medium to a video game shouldn’t count. Should be a vidya game, proper. No movies/books/shows/Legos etc.


I believe it’s referring to the literal title of the game: “Super Mario Bros.”, “Streets of Rage”, “Goldenaxe”, etc.


I’d like to see this re-submitted:


Ha! Thanks for doing the search for me before I started that idea!


Edit…nm. Stupid proxy.


No cranberry tees, and the title rule is set in stone. We’ll name these.


Thats a fun nuance! The winner’s get to see what greatness the woot staff names it!


Would they not just name it the same as the video game?


Thanks! I’d like to re-submit it…but it didn’t do too well last time either :confused:

oh, and DIBS


Definitely resubmit, it’s great


Thanks. I need to make significant changes I think before it gets accepted. I don’t know what to do


Son of a B. I was well into a really detailed Donkey Kong design around a similar concept (I imagine its been done several times) but I didnt know one had already been submitted to woot. Onto the next.