Derby #292: Time Travel

Just imagine if they were to ban dinosaurs this week, too. There would only be like 4 or 5 entries!

Go Quantum Leap!

Or Star Trek. Damn whales.

What is a cranberry tee? Sorry, new here…

It’s this really flavorful drink, kinda bitter, but goes great with a turkey sandwich on rye!

Cranberry refers to the color of the tee.

Or the tart beverage. Or that wobbly stuff from a can.

Dang, I’m thirsty now. Well, I think it’s safe to say I wont be making a cranberry tee for this derby. :wink:

immediate image that came to mind: selling cheap antibiotics, Imodium, and water purification tables at a stand along the Oregon trail. maybe 'cause i just looked through all the video game designs…

Forget the whales, go to the Wells
I’m talking H to the G

Or Stargate… tired of eating those damn fruit loops ever day…

Somehow I think the winning design will be Mario in the Stone Age. Or Mario steampunked.

Adventure Time (travelers)

I don’t think Stargate is time travel so much as space travel to a planet where people never advanced past ancient Egypt. I didn’t really get into the series though, so I could be wrong.

And why steampunk Mario when you have all those Zelda designs with the time travel built right in?

google tells me stargate had an episode involving time travel, wherein a character stuck in a time loop ate fruit loops over and over again.

Interesting. At least it wasn’t Apple Jacks.

Groundhog Day!


Yeah Stargate had time travel, if the wormhole between gates happened to be intercepted by a solar flare. I believe Carter or McKay or somebody figured how to do this at will after it happened by accident once.


But who doesn’t have time travel these days?

Seriously, that sounds like shark-jumping material.

I havr an idea in my head about a bunch of historical figures together in a certain scene. Any opinions on whethet or not that’s time travel enough for this week?

the family circus.

depends on the figures and the scene. lincoln at gettysburg? prolly not. lincoln at iwo jima? prolly ok.