Derby #294: You Be The Algorithm



What…? :confused:


The true question is…
How strict will the woot god be this week?
Let the debating BEGIN!


I foresee a lot of arguing…

  1. Pull out old design
  2. Slap on appropriate labels from list
  3. Success!


That was my thought… this derby is going to be wild…


Yeah, the open interpretation of these rules will definitely be leading to some drama.


This derby is going to be full of cats and disappointment.

At least the debates will provide entertainment.


What possible subject is not covered?





Remember that the goal is to create an attractive design that resonates with the masses, not necessarily to strictly or cleverly interpret the rules. Think of them as a design brief, not rules to be nitpicked.


Since we’re talkign about rules, would steam be considered water?


Dinosaurs battling robots in space.



I don’t see the word cat. I would think that would be one of the most popular tags


Cats are in fact animals. :smiley:



As long as each category is represented in some fashion, it’s fine. We should be able to look at the design and see it, but that doesn’t mean each category has to make up 25% of your design. Be clever, be subtle, choose wisely.

I think this is going to be a fun challenge. Working in four categories is not going to be easy. Really interested to see what you guys come up with.


The design can incorporate more than one item from each column correct? For instance I have a design in mind that is both cute and pop culture (and also fits multiples in the other columns).


As long as at least one thing from each category is accounted for, you’re fine. If you have a cute-steampunk-pun-space shirt, there’s nothing to say your shirt can’t also have an animal in it if you think it works with the design. Just make sure you’ve got one from every category.

The idea is that this is an idea generator of sorts. Pick your idea, run with it, and make sure there are traces of the source four tags in the final product. That’s it, the rest is up to you.


Animals Japan Myth - Kitsune please. ;3

What? I can never have enough fox shirts. :slight_smile:


Dinosaur,Television, Injury, Slogan = NOT THE MAMA shirt…