Derby #301: Television

Most popular derby topics this coming week:

  1. Dr. Who
  2. Star Trek
  3. Big Bang Theory

Now it’s time to go work on my Who/Trek/Big Bang Theory mashup…

maybe add animal hoarders to the list.

No text only… About time this rule came back.

We’re running out of colors… yikes.

No text only shirts.
Shirts must be on Black, Brown, Navy, Baby Blue, or Silver this week

Words only is too easy.
though i wish silver and brown were banned. I get so upset when a shirt i love is on those colors because then i can’t buy it.

Doesn’t change much really. Just means you have to draw a little decoration along with your slogan. I didn’t always like the NO TEXT rule because sometimes a + or a $ would have really helped, but lately text is pretty prominent. Can’t wait to see what AWESOME CONCEPTS will fill the fog.

I liked the “incidental text only” rule we often had. That just allowed things that would naturally have some text on them and that the design isn’t dependent on.


This. Of course I like a good design with text, but I feel like text is becoming more prominent than non-text designs. This is lame for me because I’m terrible at making witty one-liners. It’s great for other artists for whom text is their forte, but it would be nice to have a no text derby once in awhile again.

The new Woot demographic digs pretty hard on some text centric designs. Run what sells. :slight_smile:

Yea, true that. As long as they try to maintain a variety… which they always have I suppose. :slight_smile:

I kinda liked it better when we used to have artists/designers around here, not copy writers…

I definitely feel that Woot has aimed to NOT be like some of the other shirt sites, which almost exclusively runs pop-culture based designs. Balance the higher sales of one for the other, and all is well … usually.

I am pondering if the limitation of shirt colors is a sign of a change in the near future, inventory balancing, or just logistic issues again.

Why? Upset at yourself for your last submission?

lol… yeah, I’m totally upset with myself.

I’m really excited to represent some of my favorite shows!

I refuse to draw a tardis. I guess it’s a matter of principal at this point.

ok people

r u kidding me…this is the biggest pop culture reference site on the web…cats! Big Bang Theory! Mario! and on and on and on… your comment was not very well thought out.

Have you seen teefury? Literally every day it’s pop culture. Woot used to be different, but now that margain is much thinner.

Actually trying not to be a lump this week, so this is what I’m working on for the derby.


Here’s the final version in the derby. =D