Derby #303: Nightlife

Wow. That’s a tough one. The “no text” is refreshing but the overall theme isn’t really my idea of fun.

…I like to boogie…

No pop-culture or text!


I’m interested to see how this goes…

Also, do the powers that be still reject references to alcohol in derby entries?

Well since they mentioned “wine” in the rules, I think that means alcohol is ok

My rule of thumb - would my kid get kicked out of school for wearing this? YMMV. That Adventure Time 4:20 clock had a lot of parents up in arms, but I thought it was fine.

I can’t believe parents were up in arms over that shirt. No self respecting stoner would even think about wearing that shirt…just saying. I bet those same parents would allow their kid to wear a Michael Vick shirt. SMH

It’s been acceptable before:

How Rainbows are Made

Yay for no pop-culture! Yes, I buy them from time to time, but they’re the exception, not the rule.

I entered this last year and survived rejection. I Can Dance If I Want To

Hah, that guy makes me smile, maybe you could stick him under a disco ball and resub? :wink:

50’s bar scene with anthro fox, raccoon, and whatever else. The animal’s night life. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Not every shirt has to be kid friendly. Plenty of collage age and adults wear tee shrits too.

What if I just draw a horse walking in to a bar? The bartender’s expression can be like “ugh not this again…”

Do it!

Thanks! I hadn’t thought about resubbing him, but he does look like he could use a disco ball. :slight_smile:

I also vote for a resub… I like him as well.

You going to get the band back together for a reunion tour?

I haven’t heard from ignorant today and I’ve been swamped at work… so I don’t think we’ll have anything this week… I’m also having trouble drawing on that intuos when there is a cintiq on the way. :slight_smile:

Well, I hope you guys are okay with my updates.