Derby #306: Space Infographics

Sounds like fun. Does all shirt colors allowed mean no more AA?

That’s correct. Starting on Monday it looks like we’ll be back to our normal Anvil run of tees, so these Derby winners will not be run on American Apparel.

Darkness falls.
Sorry to hear it didn’t work out.

That’s a shame. I would have liked to design something for this derby.

quite frankly, I don’t like american apparel shirts. they don’t fit that great imo, specially the arms are a wrinkly mess under the armpits.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn anvil, but they don’t sound any better.

does anyone know what happened to “standard american”? I can’t find them anywhere, I thought they were made by AA, but they are nowhere in their website. I have a bunch of old standard american shirts and they are the most comfortable shirts I own. supersoft and they don’t even warp.

…and after a week’s respite, back we go to the land of 10,000 inevitable and tired Tardis designs.

Well, it was always planned as a limited test run. The math goblins have to crunch the numbers and deliberate to see if anything comes of it I guess.

Standard American = American Apparel’s mens/unisex lineup.
Classic Girl = their women/juniors lineup.

I think it was in 2005 when they went to the straight AA branding.

researches infographic

What the? Oh this is going to be tricky. :C

cool. so those were the same shirts with the 9 squares logo in the tag?


I haven’t noticed any fitment differences here between recent AA shirts and those of 10+ years ago, but YMMV. If I get around to it, I’ll post comparison pics tonight.

Space is big. Also space has furries. Somewhere. Cameo some true anthro critters, guys? :wink:

for what it’s worth I only bought one shirt during the trial period (on AA) due to lack of wanting many of the designs. I know I would be willing to pay $13 or $14 for designs I want on AA going forward. Figured throw my 2 cents in since my purchase history doesn’t reflect my true feelings

Now back to discussing the derby, looking forward to see what the designers come up with

Me too.

There weren’t any shirts I wanted to buy during the test period. I’d buy a lot of AA shirts if they were offered in the back catalog or side sales.

As for the theme, unfortunately, as limitless as SPACE is, I can imagine how narrowly focused the contenders will likely be. It makes me sad.

Can we just preemptively declare that any space infographic that contains the Death Star and “that’s no moon” is rejected because “similar shirts exist”?

I seriously am not trying to be hostile about this - but I hope that woot also takes into account the fact that all the people (like me) that deserted because of the change were not informed AA were back. I lucked out since I have gone a month or two without looking at the site and caught the AA fact, and so far have purchased ten shirts because of it. I did not like the other shirts that were in the mix but would of bought stuff like the cloaking t-shirt, unstealthiest ninja and other gems if they had been up. If all the shirts were of my humor then I would of bought each and every shirt on AA.

And again, if AA is removed from the mix, I will reject woot again, and while my bank account will recover, my determination to not promote woot will remain.

So please, take into account some facts, many of these shirts sold poorly during AA, I bought ten, and no one let me know that woot was going to float the test.



Not sure I’ll be able to finish this in time but here’s what I got so far…

Tomorrow’s my last day of school and I have 100 things to do to get ready for it and then Im gone all weekend so… we’ll see…

Any thoughts so far?